Breeder of Joe Bidens Pup, Champ


German Shepherd puppies from top German and European bloodlines. Large boned, healthy puppies will make excellent family companions, perfect for obedience, tracking, search and rescue, agility and home security.  

German Shepherd Breeder

German shepherds are one of the true joys of life. They can perform many tasks and can provide all the love and companionship that you could ask for. As German shepherd breeders, we know this joy firsthand and have the pleasure of offering this same joy to you. 

Skilled Dogs

Each German Shepherd puppy that we have is highly trainable. They are extremely obedient with the right training and their skills are not limited to basic canine obedience tricks. Our German Shepherd puppies have the potential to be great trackers or even search and rescue dogs. They were born to have a natural affinity for tasks such as these.
They can also help with home security. While these German shepherds are quick to bond with friendly faces, they can tell the difference between a familiar face and a stranger. They can be trained to protect your home just as their natural instincts tell them to.

Our German shepherd puppies are adorable and are in a robust state of health. They are family dogs who possess many skills to help you and your family. Come learn the joy of having your own German shepherd puppy today. 

Healthy Dogs And Puppies

Every large boned German shepherd puppy that we have comes from top German and European bloodlines. They are genetically built to be healthy. This is not enough of course. The rest of the equation is the top notch care that we provide for our puppies so that they can grow to be healthy and strong. Their bloodlines make them predisposed to good health and our efforts just allow them to live up to their potential. 

Family Dogs

Our German Shepherd puppies are born and bred to be family dogs. They are good around children and are already accustomed to being around people because of their upbringing. Our puppies are around people from day one so they develop a comfort level and a trust of people that makes them open to new people and new environments. The move to your home will be a simple adjustment for them.

All you have to do is show them the love that we show them and you will instantly have a new four legged member of the family. These puppies make excellent family companions because they are friendly and lovable while being highly intelligent and trainable. These obedient puppies grow into dogs that can perform a variety of tasks.